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Innovate, Promote and Bring Awareness About Bamboo

Bamboo based Agro Startup | Explore limitless potential of Bamboo | Contribute in Environment Protection | Make India World’s Bamboo Hub | Expand Bamboo Commercial Use | Take Bamboo From Farm to Home Products | Contribute in Healing Earth.

We are committed to bring Prosperity to People, Society, and Mother Earth through Bamboo Ecology.

Bambooram Offers

Bamboo Tissue Culture Lab Program | Bamboo Nurseries | Commercial Bamboo Plantations/Farming | Bamboo Treatment and Processing Units | Bamboo based Allied Industries | Bamboo Management Solutions | Scientific Land Conversion.

Bambooram Agro is committed to establish physical and digital infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted supply chain to bring Bamboo from Farms to homes as daily use products.

Bambooram brings Technology and Innovation to Bamboo Farming, Research
& Distribution

Agriculture technology management agency

Agri Technology

Technology in Agriculture will help to innovate, improve farming efficiency, yearly crops revenue for farmers & expand market reach.

Land survey using drones


Robotics will play a vital role in automating repetitive or time-consuming farming tasks and in surveillance.

Internet Of Things Concept And Blockchain Technology Smart Home


Track the provenance of products and thus helps create trustworthy supply chains using immutable Blockchain based tracking and infrastructure.

Artificial intelligence in agriculture

Artificial Intelligence & IoT

AI & IoT that provide real-time data for algorithms increase agricultural efficiencies, improve crop yields and reduce production costs.

Business Models

Bambooram Agro

Our Partners

Bambooram Agro’s vision is to Innovate, Promote and bring Awareness about magical Bamboo and to achieve that Our Partners from every walk of life and their contribution today will help build the Bamboo ecosystem for Environment and Social benefits.






Hub Partners

Bamboo life

Bamboo Lovers






Associate Bambooram Partner

Associate Bambooram Partner plays the most important role in expanding knowledge and awareness about Bamboo and provide connection between Bambooram and people.

• Bambooram Strength and Associate
• Bridge between Bambooram and Farmers
• Company policies campaigner

• Commission / Service Fees of sale/business value contributed by ABP
• Sale of Bamboo Plants and Saplings
• Bamboo Plantation and AMC Work
• Consultancy (Farm & Industries)
• Bamboo Farm Management
• Bambooram Infrastructure and Brand Value Support
• Direct Promoter, Facilitator and Distributor of Bambooram Products
• Opportunity to be part of Bambooram and its allied network of companies
• Perform as a Bridge between Bambooram and Farmers
• Communicate Bambooram Policies
• Generate Employment opportunities to rural population through the use of Bamboo
• Identify opportunity to promote Bamboo and Bambooram to wider rural community
• Work in environment protection, oxygen generation, increasing green cover and enhancing the underground water level.
• Promote Clean and Green Environment
• Trainings
• Marketing Campaigns and Materials
• Access to Bambooram Technology Infrastructure
• Participate in Bambooram Events
• Integral part of Bambooram and Brand support
Partnership Program: Entrepreneur Path

Hub Partner

Hub Partners are the Bambooram nursery/office extension in any local region and plays the role of bridge between different geographical location to Bambooram. This creates a unique entrepreneur opportunity to People and opens up many benefits of becoming Hub Partner.

• Bambooram Extended Nursery / Warehouses
• regional management liaison
• local sales order management
• Maintain supply of plants in the Hub
• Company policies campaigner
• Discount applicable at the time of purchase of plants
• 5% direct commission
• Sales cooperation from company and ABP
• Bambooram Infrastructure and Brand Value Support
• Direct Promoters, Facilitators and Distributors of Bambooram Products
• Opportunity to be a part of Bambooram and its associated companies
• Purchase 10,000+ plants in a single order
• Purchase of 50,000 saplings per quarter
• Management of 10,000 square feet nursery or shed
• Promoting a clean and green environment
• Business/Commercial Trainings
• Marketing Campaigns and Materials
• Access to Bambooram Technology Infrastructure
• Opportunity to Participate in Bambooram Events
• Integral part of Bambooram and Brand support
Partnership Program: Financial Investment Path

Alliance Partnership Program

Bambooram Alliance Partnership Program, a simple and unique way to associate with Bamboo revolution from the way of investment and enjoy land ownership and life-long rewarding financial benefits.

Bambooram Agro

Bambooram Revenue Streams


Agriculture and Horticulture Profits

Bamboo life

Bamboo Harvesting Profits

Agriculture Plants

Tissue Culture Lab and Nursery Profits


Consultancy and Training Profits


CNG/Ethanol Plant Profits


Bamboo Eco Tourism & Holidays Resorts Profits


Incubation Support Profits


Other Income/Profits

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