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Associate Bambooram Partner​

Bambooram Agro Pvt Ltd (BAPL) is inviting applications from the interested individual for the associate partners. We call them   “Authorized Bambooram Partner (ABP)”. These individuals would be the key assets of the Company and will bridge the gap between Bambooram and Farmers . They will be our founding stones and will lead the company in future with the expansions and growth of the company. 

Our Authorized Bambooram Partners will work between Company and Farmers and will play a key role in overall success of Bambooram.

They will represent the company for social initiatives and business transactions . Bambooram will make the structure and policies to engage our ABPs with the ongoing and future activities of the company businesses and will have final right to empanel the suitable member with BAPL.

Why to become ABP?

Along with default inclusion with the company, Our Authorized Bambooram Partners (ABP) will be rewarded with applicable incentives, commissions, rewards & recognitions.

Some of those benefits are:

  • Sale of Bamboo Plants and Saplings
  • Bamboo Plantation and AMC Work
  • Consultancy (Farm & Industries)
  • Bamboo Farm Management

Main responsibilities and functions of the Authorized Bamboo Partners(ABP) are :

How Bambooram will Support ABPs:

  • ABPs will receive extensive and required Trainings to perform the tasks
  • ABPs will be provided all the Marketing Campaign and material support from Bambooram
  • ABPs will have access to Bambooram technology infrastructure
  • ABPs will participate time-to-time Events organized by Bambooram to share updates and trainings
  • ABPs will receive Consulting/Branding support from Bambooram
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