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Bambooram agro private limited



This memorandum of agreement is entered on this date …………………….. between
1- Bambooram Agro Private Limited, A Private Limited Company incorporated under the laws of India and having its registered office at ______ (hereinafter referred to as Bambooram) And
2- ________ (hereinafter referred to as Hub Partner)

Whereas the Bambooram has agreed to market their products through the Hub Partner. And Bambooram desire to have written following terms and conditions by this elaborate memorandum of agreement.

1. The Hub Agreement is effective from ………………………….. for a period of …….. This agreement may be renewed after ……. as per mutual agreement between the Bambooram and the Hub Partner.

2. That ………… has applied to Bambooram with a desire to be Hub Partner for the district of ……….. , asserting that they fulfills all the basic criteria decided upon by Bambooram, and published on their website for Hub Partnership prerequisite.

3. That Bambooram hereby appoints ……………. as their Hub Partner for the sale of their products and services in the assigned territory of ………………… district of ………. state of India.

4. That the Hub Partner will have a warehouse to store the bamboo saplings and other Bamboo products in conducive and comfortable environment, and all the relevant expenses on the safe storage of them will be taken care by the Hub Partner.

5. That the Hub Partner will start Bamboo farming in their farmlands of minimum 100 Acres, within 30 days from this agreement. All the Bamboo farming in these farmlands will be done as per the norms set by Bambooram for their farming contracts.

6. Bambooram will Sale the saplings and product to Hub Partner @……….% trade discount on MRP plus GST applicable.

7. That the Hub Partner will provide necessary infrastructure like staff, proper team, marketing network, phone, mobile, online facility. On the other hands Bambooram will provide all the marketing related tools like Catalogue, leaflets, Posters, Pamphlets in Consultation with Hub Partner in the assigned territory.

8. The Hub Partner will ensure a minimum sale of Rs. ….. per month for the eligibility as Hub Partner.

9. All saplings and other Bamboo products shall be sent by the Bambooram to the Hub Partner on advance payment basis and account shall be cleared bill to bill by the Hub Partner on monthly basis by way of issuing A/c Statement.

10. That the Hub Partner will be responsible for charging the appropriate trade tax for the respective area. He will submit the necessary trade tax return to the concerned
authorities and remit the tax for the sales made by him. The Hub Partner shall be responsible for the payment of tax and any default in this regard shall be the sole liability of Hub Partner.

11. The Hub Partner shall be required to deposit a cheque of Rs. ….. as a Security amount which shall remain with the Bambooram during the Agreement period.
This security amount shall be returned to the Hub Partner after adjustment and settlement of complete accounts after the expiry of the Agreement.

12. That the Hub Partner shall be the sole nodal point which will operate within the assigned territory of …………………………… district only and shall not cross his territory as well as interfere in the district assigned to other Hub Partner.

13. Further the Hub Partner shall not deal in products or plants of any other Bamboo brand, or any of Bambooram rivals or competitors.

14. That the Bambooram will dispatch the saplings and other products or material to the Hub Partner within ….. days against their purchase order on letter head.

15. The Transportation Cost shall be borne by the Hub Partner.

16. The Hub Partner will bear godown rent, loading unloading, courier and freight charges and all other incidental charges.

17. That in case of termination the cheque of security deposit amount will be returned after clearance of all accounts. No goods in stock will be taken back at the time of settlement. All the Claims will be settled within 30 days of termination / term notice of contract.

18. Any dispute arising between the parties shall be subject to Bhopal jurisdiction.
In witness where of the parties have signed this agreement on the day and years written above in presence of the following witnesses.

Authorized Signatory